Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cheers to you Mom!

I mean how could I forget to blog about my beautiful and amazing mother! Not only is she a crazy fun mom who I can always laugh with, but she'll drop everything for me, listen to me cry and even complain when I'm just being dramatic. She makes the best home cooked meals that I hope I will some day learn how to do the same for my family. She also just helped me move everything out of my dorm and drive me 5 hours home..seriously she's da bomb! 

love you forever <3

I am my mother's daughter and couldn't be happier about it :)

what a year!

I still can't get over that I am DONE with my freshman year and I'm officially home in Potomac for the summer! This year flewwww by, yet looking back I've experienced so much over the past year.

a very nervous and anxious, but exciting car ride down to my first year away from home

out with my hokie camp/my first friends

don't think first semester would have been as amazing without these guys

going to our first tech football game!!

eeeek definitely a new experience!

"the trio" 

anddddd then it got cold :(

my best friends

its nights like these...well you know what I mean ;)

a very merry christmas with KDR

and of course second semester...

life is good in alpha phi :)

most epic hike ever to the famous cascades in blacksburg

py betches forevaa :)

new friends/sisters!

could never forget these guys!

and of course finally found my amazing big :)

then joined the best family ever

made some more memories with my new sisters
experienced my first Relay For Life <3

savored my last few nights out with my friends

first nights and last nights out, these are my girls!
almost used all of my meal plan!

goodbye py triple you were too good to me

Wellll onto a much needed summer vacation! I am most definitely going to enjoy this time off and not let it fly by too fast, although I know I will be anxiously waiting my return to blacksburg in august!!