Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's jake and amir

Back to school...

I've been back at tech for 4 days and already feeling the pressure!! Fortunately this week was not as awful as I had imagined it over my pleasant-do-nothing-spring break. Unfortunately, hell week will commence at approximately 9am Monday morning (not forgetting to mention the frantic weekend I will have trying to prepare for hell week woo!).

This is the perfect time to blog about my good friends Jake and Amir. Whenever I'm feeling a little stressed, sad, lonely, or overwhelmed I simply go to or just search for some of my favorite videos, although this takes time because there are a lot of those. Jake and Amir, for those of you uniformed, are just two best friends working together and video blogging about their daily adventures in the offices of College Humor.

Another reason why I just loveee these videos is because they bring me back to the days where my friends and I would 1) go through their whole archive until we watched every video and 2) recite our favorites lines that just got us every time. This may be why I like to refer Jake and Amir as my friends, because they brought me closer to my friends and we will forever have this special bond!

While being at college I have been slacking in trying to keep up with their new videos, but fear you not there are plenty to watch, laugh at, and cry over (let me be clear thats crying from too much laughter).

the first is Scared, the best video we could show our AP US history teacher because it was the cleanest and its just down right funny.

Bowling for Soup gave me and my friends an awesome new dance move, I call it "Her name is Nona, she's a rocker with a nose ring"

I will never get over 4th of July, "jake jake jake jake jake jake jake jake"

and of course the series of Ace and Jocelyn (this is only part 2 because its my fave)

No joke I wish I could post about twenty more videos but for simplicities sake just go to Jake and Amir (or youtube will do the trick) and in the search bar enter:
~Interpretors (part 2 is my fave)
~friend quiz

alright i'll stop :)

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