Thursday, April 21, 2011

relay relay relay

This is my first year participating in Relay For Life and I am beyond excited!! Technically I haven't even participated in the actual event, but after a year of fundraising and planning many events for the night of I feel like I have been doing this forever! 

Over the past year, the events committee has been working on what events to have the night of and we decided on Themed Laps, Queen of the Night, Wing Eating Contest, Minute To Win It, Cake Walk, and Sporting Events (flag football, dodgeball, cornhole, ladder golf, and ultimate frisbee). 

In addition to planning the night of events, we also held several events throughout the school year. Our first was a small cupcake fundraiser on main street on the opening day of Chiptotle. Smart right? We knew we would get a good amount of people at least walking by the booth and get Relay out there since it was only October. In November, we got Brent Knight (up and coming dreamy artist) to play at TOTS and we had such a great turnout that Brent will be playing tomorrow night :). In December, we did more of a low-key event where we made little Birthday cakes (celebrating relay's 10th birthday as well as celebrating more birthdays for more cancer survivors) and put them on the table at Deet's. When we came back from winter break we started to focus more on event details and start mapping out all the details. 

Things really picked up the last month trying to get everyone to sign-up and keep fundraising and most importantly get excited about tomorrow night! We have more than enough teams signed up for our events, which is awesome but also a little intimidating. I will be spending much of the day doing last minute details and then throughout the night I am assigned to help with certain events. 

Tonight Maleka, Emily, Amy, and I practiced the minute to win it games and it was SO fun even without the competition. I really hope everyone else enjoys it I think it will be a great way to get everyone pumped at 3 in the morning!

Well tomorrow is the big day! I will be sure to post more after all the madness :)

I Relay to make a difference

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